Newbie intends to connect bulbs to Alexa

Hey everyone,
I live in Brazil and I’m very happy with my Alexa (US Server) so I started buying smart home devices. I just bought 2 Yeelight V2 (still on the way), but after seeing so many people complaining about connection issues, I would like to ask this: which server should I use to discover the lights with the Yeelight/MiHome app (read somewhere that if the account is set to any server other than Singapore, the bulbs can’t be added) and which server should I use to ensure Alexa will discover the devices when I link the account?
And just out of curiosity, do I need to create a scene for each color to change it using voice control or can I just ask Alexa to change to the color I want?

US server is ok for you to connect Yeelight bulbs to control by Alexa.

Just ask Alexa to change color you want.

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