New Zealand use

Hello, can you please confirm if the Yeelight LED smart bulbs meet standards for New Zealand? Our power mains are 230v-50hz will your product safely work here?

Also I see your lightbulbs sold on AliExpress and gearbest are these authentic sellers?

It’s safe to use in New Zealand. You can buy from Gearbest, as far as I know they get these devices from us through official channel.

Thanks. I have been hearing these work fine here, but it’s nice to get official word from Yeelight

What measures do you take to ensure these are safe to run here. Or can you confirm these are totally okay for 230v-50hz?

That is the same as in Europe. Any voltage between 210-240V is compatible…


Typically the range is given ie 120v-240v, to show its safe to use, rather than just “220v” however. so while it may work it might not be completely safe… just thinking for Insurance if something drastic happened.