New device suggestion

Hello Yeelight,

Are there any plans to produce a motion sensor with wifi access?

This type of device would be a great way to activate lights etc based on your movements around the home.


I don’t think we will produce motion sensor soon. But there are a motion sensor manufacturer that i know has done the things you mentioned.

Further to this request for a new device, a single unit combining a motion sensor, wifi and bluetooth would have limitless uses with existing Yeelight devices.

Other motion detectors exist but they can only power a device on or off. A Yeelight specific device would send the necessary signal via BT or wifi to Yeelight lamps to set a scene or group scene.


  • bluetooth to wifi gateway to enable the yeelight bluetooth bedside lamp to be controlled via wifi
  • motion activated triggering of yeelight lamps on a room by room basis.
  • IFTT integration for bluetooth bedside lamps.

Please do consider this. It will open up a world of possibilities.

I’d like the wall wi-fi light switch which would have open API as Yeelights :slight_smile:

why the Xiaomi Gateway is not a solution for you?

I don’t know, seems simpler to communicate with the same API; What would I need on case of Xiaomi Gateway?

With the Xiaomi Gateway you can add Body Sensor device (basically each device will connect on the Xiaomi Gateway instead of the router). I have this devices actually and it work fine (except some delay sometime but I’m trying to figure out if is a regional-delay problem or something else).

I don’t think that a Motion Sensor with WiFi access has too much sense at this point.
Even more because Xiaomi Body Sensor has very low-power-consumption actually, and a WiFi version will be more power consumption.