New Ceiling Light Moon

Hello, when the new Ceiling Light Moon will be available at Gearbest?

GearBest is not our official partner, we don’t know the time either.

is this light already available to buy? maybe this could an option for me, since I’ll be near Shenzhen next week and could take it possibily with me.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it’s ready to buy.

Hello, but the model that I want to buy is the 65cm without moon. I’m living in Spain.


holy jesus this product is gamechanger! So bright and rgb, finally we can have the sun in our rooms! If anyone knows a date of arrival in Banggood or Gearbest it will be cool!


One question. the 650mm version is only in star model colour? and the only white version?

Currently only star model version is available in market. And the white version will be ready in 15d ~ 20d.

Why is the page not available in English? It’s very hard to read the page, even with google translate…

These ceiling lights are mainly designed for Chinese market and we haven’t got enough resource to do the translation. All our design team is preparing for 11/11 (which is Chinese black Friday), so the English version won’t be ready before 11/11.

Ok alright. But the lights work outside china as well?


Please can you confirm that only 650mm version will have the led color on the top? The other versions like 450 or 480, will not have that option?


Yes, only 650 has background RGB lights.

As long as your power voltage is 220v, then yes.


我说的是英文翻译,跟alexa控制没关系。你用新Yeelight app把灯连到新加坡,应该就能控制 (新app这个周会release)。

好哩~坐等新app release~

How bright are the Ceiling light(s)? I need a main light for living room that is like 5x6 meters in size, do you think I’d need 650mm version or 480/450mm are enough? I can’t afford to buy lights that are less bright than the one I have now, the wifey would kill me :slight_smile: