New bulb not working


I just bought two Yeelight LED bulbs color. The first works very well (connection to WIFI ok, yeelight app android OK). The second refuses to light: when pressing the switch to turn on, the bulb flashes one time very quickly and remains off. Same thing when I press the switch to turn off. I tried several times the reset (5 times turn on and off for 2 seconds) and on other points of light without effect. Yeelight application on android does not detect the bulb.

What can I do before I request a refund?

Thank you in advance

Where did you buy the bulb? You can contact the reseller. Currently we don’t have any official oversea channel, so we can’t provide much help.

I have already contact for the refund. I hope you can help me with the problem, not the refund :slight_smile:

It seems to be a hardware issue. Could you reset it successfully?

I try several time to switch it on/off five time in a row, but i cannot light up or connect with yeelight app.

If the bulb can’t light up, it should be a hardware issue, please contact

Thanks you Weiwei for your time.