New Bedside Lamp problem

Hello there, today I’ve got my 2 new Bedside Lamps (the ones WiFi control enabled).
I’ve installed the first one, just tried 10 seconds to control it through the App, then I went to install the second one.
Since then, the first one I’ve installed it’s not working at all through the app cause it just can’t keep the WiFi connection more than 5 seconds before going offline.
I’ve tried to reset it several times but the results it’s always the same: 5 seconds then it goes offline.
The second Lamp it’s just working fine.
I’ve seen that the lamp which is not working would get an update if only it could keep staying online more than 5 seconds.
What’s going on? Thanks

After many tries, I’ve managed to get the lamp works.
I’ve again made a reset but then instead of using the Yeelight App to set the lamp up I’ve used the Xiaomi App and it worked, wifi was stable and I’ve got the lamp update.
Then I’ve deleted the lamp from the Xiaomi App and added it to the Yeelight App and now it’s working just fine through the Yeelight App as well through GOOGLE Home.
Anyway, the problem was related to the Yeelight App, that’s sure, but still can’t understand what was going on.

I have exactly the same problem. Did you use the MiHome App or which Xiaomi App did you use?

As I wrote I’ve used the Mi Home app to set it up, then deleted from the mi home app (China server) to set it up in the Yeelight app ( Singapore server) and everything worked just fine.

Thanks mate, using the chinese server was the crucial part. After switching to the china server and setting the language from default to english in the mihome app the connection was stable and I could run the update. Then I switched back to the Yeelight App and it works fine now on all available servers.

You’re more than welcome