New App - "Weak Signal"

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to the 3.1 version of the app. Which has lots of nice improvements ( so big thumbs up).

One thing that is a bit of a pain though, I have one bulb that the app now informs me has a weak signal. So this is great to know and I think a useful piece of information. But, I’m not in a position to change the router or the bulb, and since it everything is working just fine I’m not worried.

The issue is that regularly now when I go into the app to turn this bulb on or off I get a pop-up about the weak signal that I have to dismiss before I can control the bulb. Is there a way that you can change this so that the notification can be turned off or maybe add a “Don’t notify me again” option.


Agree, I have twoo bulbs with weak signal. Basically I dont care as long as they work. Besides the annoying splash screen i also do not need red writen “weak signal” all the time. Pls consider different approach. Thx.

Thanks for you feedback, we are planning to do some optimization of it.