NEEO Support

Dear amazing Yeelight engineer, can you help build native Yeelight support for NEEO controller (
This remote have potential to replace lots of existing remote and home automation controller, because they support IR, WiFi, Bluetooth, Thread, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

NEEO have responsive and active programmer, and also have public API as well.
I have told them about your product and looking for your support in adding your devices.
You can reach them on, and one of their device programmer is Andreas Marti.

Thanks in advance, hope you can support NEEO sooner than later, as I currently have more than 30 of your product…

I am afraid that NEEO is still an idea. If they could turn that great concept into real product, we will be glad to work together to make it happen. We will see.

Wow, thank you for your extremely fast answer.

I can tell you that NEEO is not just an idea. They are start shipping their product as we speak, and they already have beta product available for their beta tester for more than 6 month now. Their current device database already support more than 50.000 devices, and often write custom driver implementation and coding to enable device state recognition (whether device is currently on or off, what is the channel currently playing, what is current lighting color, or dim level, etc)

Can you please help by reaching out to them, to initiate this?
The reason I asked you to initiate this first: I have asked NEEO couple of weeks ago, but they are under the impression that Yeelight is yet another Xiaomi, which doesn’t have open API and refused to work with anyone on their Home Automation product. I know that Yeelight is definitely different and much better compared to other XIaomi HA, and you deserve every support to enable you in selling lots more hardware :slight_smile:

Thanks for your clarification.

I will try to contact them and figure it out.

Thank you very much Li.
Let me know how you go, and I will do my best to help bridging the contact between you and NEEO.

Any luck in working together with NEEO team?