Need a hand with setting up 8+ devices


I just moved into the new flat and I would love to setup my own Yeelight home. I’ve did some research so maybe instead of full help - I just need some clarification. Basically, All I need are the answers to the questions you could find at the end of this post. Thanks in advance!

So basically… This is my flat with planned device setup.

4 Color Bulbs
2 White Bulbs
2 Bed Lights

I live in Poland (if that matters)
All of the bulbs will be plugged into classic lamps.

The questions ( I know its a lot, Sorry :frowning: )

  1. Can I normally turn the bulb on and off by classic switch connected to the lamp?

1a. If yes, then what color will the bulb have after turning it on again with classic power switch? The last one or default one?

  1. Does that kind of usage do any harm to the bulb?

  2. Can I (or even should I) get rid of all classic power switches and use Aqara switches, one per each bulb (basically replace classic power switch with Aqara switch).

  3. What is the difference between all that Aqara Switches? Which ones do I need (if the condition is - the cheapest to make it work which means - turn it on and off like classic power switch but still be able to turn it on from different sources like app or gateway)?

  4. I understand that I will need a Gateway to control all that switches paired with separate bulbs?

  5. Is Magic Cube really useful as a remote control or its better to use Phone app?

  6. Am I going to be able to control ALL the lights that you can see on the picture with one app?

Thanks for all the answers. I hope that you guys will help me make my home a little bit more geeky place :slight_smile:

Hi Viveroth. You mentioned that you live in Poland, just want you to consider that you need a 220V electrical connection for the bulbs in order to work properly.

About the questions:

  1. Yes you can

1a) If you want, you can activate the “Select a Default State” option or “Save the last state” (of the bulb before you turned the off)

1)(Again?) According to the developers if you select the option “Save the last state” it may reduce the life time of the bulb.

  1. If you want the bulbs to turn on with the same color as you turned them off and want to avoid the risk of to reducing the lifetime of the bulbs, I think you should.

  2. I think it doesnt matter as long as the switch have yeelight (xiaomi gateway) support.

  3. Yes the Mi Home Gateway (or xiaomi gateway)

  4. In my case, I always preefer the app or google assistant/google home

  5. Of course!

Good luck :wink:

I don’t think the answer is correct to 2. I was there, didn’t understand the whole concept until I got the gateway and switches :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, you can. but there is a small chance that it won’t reconnect to the wifi afterwards, happens to me sometimes.

1a). Last color.

1a1) probably not
1a2) NO!!! you can’t get rid of the switches!!! Now let me elaborate! there are 2 types of Aqara switches. Aqara by itself means nothing, it is just a brand, not a technology etc. 1st is wireless switch. it is used throught the gateway and runs on batteries, wirelessly connects. Switch tells gateway on zigbee protocol what to do and gateway does zigbee->wifi and tells the bulb what to do. WALL Aqara SWITCHES are different!! They are not to be used with SMART BULBS, but classic bulbs. Wall Aqara switches turn “stupid” bulbs into “smart” bulbs.

1a3) All WIRELESSS Aqara switches are more less the same, some have more functions but you can use any for anything. You need gateway for all Aqara switches.

1a4) Yes

1a5) It is definitely QUICKER than using the phone.

1a6) Yes.

also… it would be nice if someone mentioned you that there is no point of buying these bulbs at the moment since Yeelight is trying to release V2 for almost a year now.

rumors say that they will be brighter and more cost-efficient so… don’t buy them until the new version comes out.

Is there any confirmed info or at least an estimation on when this can happen?

well i can’t tell you since yeelight’s staff can’t give a different answer than “soon”.

if i have to guess… and according to a picture that showed up on Amazon… (look the RGB V2 thread)
the bulb may appear next month.