My Yeelight Strip light can't using the app


Hi, just want to ask if you noticed my post or i should create new thread for my issue.


Hi Nitram009,

Again that is what I did. The team is just repeating your advise.

The only option at hand is now to get hold of an Android device to update the firmware. Let’s hope that will fix the problem…


For your interest, the settings of my wifi network


Just did a firmware update with a borrowed Andriod phone.
Now it is working, also in my IOS devices!


And so, what I have to do with this thing? I just bought your lightstrip this week, and CAN’T use it because of I haven’t got Android smartphone. And my friends haven’t.



We are working on the fix for this issue. Please PM your apple ID to me, I will add you into the beta testing.


Sorry, but I can’t PM you (I didn’t know how to do this), can you send message to me and I answer you? Please.




We have released quick fix for this issue. Please try the update latest version 3.1.12 from app store.


Ive recieved this same error with updated app. Any fix?