My lamp gets off and on


My lamp goes on normally, and after about twenty minutes it goes out and goes back on. It happens again a few more times. Blinking. What to do?


Is your firmware the latest? If yes, please let us know your router’s model and we need to take a look.


How can I check this?


Connect the lamp with Yeelight application, you can check the firmware of the lamp in it.


I did it, updating the firmware and it’s worked!
Thank you!!


My lamp dosn’t work. the application write that the lamp is “offline”…
What can i do?..


I updated the firmware and the lamp began to work properly. After two days, she stopped working … She does not turn on from the wall switch, and the application says she is offline. What could be the solution?


Please provider your Mi ID, i will add you into the whitelist.


Thank you!


Done, please have a try.


Hello, my time now is 16:10.
At 6:50 this morning I sent my mi id.
At 7:40 the lamp started working (i keep the lamp turn on all the time from the wall) and I could turn it on and off. I did it twice. I turned it off and went to work.
Now, at 16:10, I tried to light the lamp and it does not work … again.
What to do?
Why did she work in the morning?


I’m from israel, at the time zone.