Music Mode on the Yeelight RGBW doesn't work in certain situations

I’m writing this post about Yeelight RGBW and specifically about the music mode on your app (currently I’m using it on the Xiaomi Mi 3 the version downloaded from the Play Store, the V2.1.20).

The thing is that the music mode (apart from being hidden in the settings instead of in the bar with the rest of the modes) works perfectly and I love it. However, if you try to use it when the music is not being played with the phone’s speakers, for example, with headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, the app seems not to recognise that the music is playing and it stays in that pink-reddish colour.

I was wondering if this is a documented bug and/or you’re going to fix it. I’d love to use this feature with the Bluetooth speaker I have or with “headphones” to connect the phone to a real speaker (using the auxiliary port).

I think you might be confused about what the so-called “Music Mode” does. It actually takes the input from the microphone and adjusts the color accordingly, so it won’t change if the music is not playing at a loud volume.

You’re right, my fault, the only problem was that I needed to put the phone right into de spearks, otherwise it wouldn’t work, thanks for the tip!

BTW, is there any way to enable this mode in a group of bulbs?

Unfortunately there isn’t at the moment. I want this feature too as I have two Yeelight bulbs on the same fixture and I have to turn one off if I want to use Music Mode.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

I am wondering if it utilizes the microphone to catch the beats, is it possible that it catches music from my speaker?


Music mode is using microphone to collect. So if your speaker have sound as loud as microphone can catch, i think it is ok.

In the next release music for groups will be available:

2.3.20 already available.

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Hi Coasterli.

I didnt find the option to enable music flow on groups. the music flow is only available when i open the options on a single device.


I will look into it