Music flow mode issues and feedback

i can’t send a whatsapp voice message because MUSIC MODE is on. I can’t record a video with the camera because MUSIC MODE is on. I can’t shazam the name of the song because MUSIC MODE is on.

you get my point? the microphone is too much of an important part of the phone to be exclusively used by MUSIC MODE. maybe the microphone could be shared?

support for bluetooth microphones could potentially solve this issue by making MUSIC MODE use the bluetooth microphone whilst leaving the phone’s built-in microphone accessible to other apps. This would also open the possibility for different lighting scenarios running from the same server. A party for instance have multiple rooms with different vibes.

also WAKELOCK needs to be implemented so that MUSIC MODE continuous working correctly even if the screen goes OFF, if there’s no WAKELOCK the device will enter deep sleep and microphone will stop working.

also MUSIC MODE color spectrum is too repetitive, RED&GREEN. New spectrums plus a true random spectrum plus shifting between color spectrums randomly plus user spectrum customization for MUSIC MODE would be especially welcome.

also need a widget for groups and solo lights to activate MUSIC MODE in one single touch from the home screen.

MUSIC MODE & voice automation - needs a voice command to activate it by voice.

MUSIC MODE & synchronization with music streamers, spotify, deezer, play music, etc - reads the digital wave representation of the song by tapping into the system audio API or into the sandbox of each app, then the microphone is not needed anymore plus it’s more pure and free of background noises.

come on guys give MUSIC MODE a proper experience, it has so much potential. it deserves the attention.

At least it’s working for you…:-/ Still having no success since app V3.x

@alexinc sometimes I have weird issues, I’d be lying to say they are rare but they are definitely uncommon. One that keeps happening from time to time is the local app fails to handshake via LAN with some of the strip or bulbs. Usually when this happens I restart the wireless access point, most of the time it’s enough to solve the handshake problem. that’s my two cents for you.

The microphone will stop working only when there is no connection with device.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F running android 7.0 stock rom, tested this also in a LG G2 D800 running android 7.1 LineageOS. On both devices, once screen goes off, after about 5 minutes Android deep sleep mode aka Doze will kick in, and when it does the microphone shuts down. That’s why a wakelock running in the background is important, it will prevent deep sleep mode to be engaged thus allowing the microphone to be accessed for as long as MUSIC MODE is ON.

Did some further testing today and although i’m not having big trouble connecting with my bulbs I found the problem! All my bulbs are only added to my guest WLAN (Xiaomi R2D Router). When having a bulb in my regular WLAN, music mode is working! So music mode seems to communicate through different port or something like that!?

Maybe use another device like a tablet so that your phone is free to use with other tasks

I’d like a more firm and direct response regarding the points of OP. Will the dev team at least try to focus and address the issues and concerns pointed out in OP. Or is it time for me to look for a different product that can actually be used to accompany rhythm of music?

Cause honestly the current state of music mode is a joke, looks and feels like a demo.






Do you have some good points to improve feature of music mode?

Yes sir I do.

Music Mode deserves more attention than it has been given so far. It’s a very neat but very small niche I get it. Though attention to detail is key for success in this segment.

  • it needs a trigger for voice automation, meaning Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT should be able to activate it.
  • It should work with the whole color spectrum not just two colors, it is currently limited to red and green only.
  • It should support external music players instead of only the microphone, perhaps tapping into the audio feed of the operational system, I believe it is achievable since it no longer requires root access. Maybe even forming a partnership with Music Streamers.
  • maybe a new line of products that have built-in microphones?!

Check this out then

Thank you very much for the suggestion Jordi, that’s pretty cool. It just shows that if the first party developer group really wanted to make this a great service they could but right now it is really not their priority. My argument is that it should be part of their priority because the fixes are not really that complicated and right now it is an inch close from becoming a good product instead of being a bad one. It’s a simple matter of creating the code lines and implementing them into the servers and first party apps so that everything works in synergy.

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I know, I wanted the oficial music mode to improve but I also can understand if it’s not a priority. That’s why I developed my own music mode, it has what I wanted it to have. I’m open to feedback obviously and I’ll continue developing it

Sad to see that it’s not working when bulbs are registered in guest Network for security reasons… (same with official app)

the music mode has desapeard for me… somebody more with this problem?