Moving lamps from Singapore to Germany

There is no easier solution?
I would not like to reset all the lamps and freshly search and add now !!!
Can not you just copy my whole profile from Singapore to Germany?
With 3 or 4 lamps no problem but with 12 pieces that’s already work :frowning:
ID: 1692999501 Singapur Server

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Sorry, your devices is on miot server instead of our, so you must move devices by your self.

how do you mean that?
Use the Yeelight app and the Mi Home app both on Singapore.
Both with the same MI ID
Which server would be with you?

According to the law, all the data in different are separate, so we don’t have the permission to do that. So if you want to move your devices to Germany server, please reset them and reconnect again.


Do not understand exactly what they mean.
But I think I will first leave everything as it is.
That’s too much work for me to erase and reconnect.
Thanks anyway

Never chance a running system.

You have your lamps on Mi Home app. But you want to move all of them into Yeelight app, but you can’t do that because they are different apps.

Mihome and Yeelight share the same server, so if you select the same server, you can also get yeelight devices in both of them.

But I set up all the lamps under Yeelight.
Just because I installed the Mi Home app because of the air purifier, but the MI app accesses the data from Yeelight, as Andy said.
The Mi app has then the data on Yeelight fetched and not as they say I logged on the wrong server … but no matter now.
As long as there is no way to transfer my data I will not change the server that is too much work with 12 lamps.
Do you think there will be such a chance someday?

As Andy said, we have no rights to do that due to the law and we do believe not a lot of people would frequently transfer devices via servers.

Due to law the config could be store in our own phones or app so the change of server could just need a selection of backup data


that’s exactly what would be the right approach.

+1 … data could be exported to user device (phone) and then imported onto new server?

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it should be feasible.
And would be feasible for each user to restore his backup after the server change.

I do not run through the house.
Reset all lamps refill everything fresh.
Each lamp again by Alexa search again assigned names then to reprogram all scenes.
And then at the end to realize that the half-second faster response does not justify all the work.
But with a backup you could choose the best server and test it.
I open a new topic and address the topic.

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Yes, but for my system with only like 6 lights and 5-6 sensors it is way too much work… just think of all the rules in mihome!

Please don’t start new topics for the same questions, no need for that!

It’s a very good start we have a server in Europe now, but at this point for most it’s not even possible to switch yet as there are just a handfull of Xiaomi products listed in Mi Home. (most also use a lot of the Xiaomi / Aqara products)

I agree that it’s also a problem you can’t export setings, let’s hope there will be a solution for that in the future.
But if the law is working against that it might be just a fact that we will have to do a lot of resetting and creating rules from scratch :weary:

just deleted every bulb/light strip of mine from singapore, including Schemes, and moved to Germany server.
Every bulb/light strip a bit faster acting now.

Best is to delete them on singapore server and then move to German.
But noticed that in IFTT you don’t see any custom colors that you’ve saved and bulbs don’t remember saved status to start only with pre-defined color.

They start always with the last used one, the option for them somehow won’t save the desired color/intensity.