Missing features for Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 (Music Mode / Scenes)

Hi at all,

I had the normal ceiling light but changed it to the Yeelight JIAOYUE 650. I am really satisfied with the product but have still some issues with it.

  1. Scenes: The normal ceiling light supported scenes in an awesome way. Everything worked with Alexa. The new Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 only had issues with scenes. Created scenes weren’t really recognized by Alexa. Alexa found them but the defined scened didn’t work like I defined them in the first place. So I didn’t use them. But I really want to set scenes with the ambilight and the normal light. I gave up.
    Now the app seems to be updated. Alexa now finds the scenes. But with the update you also changed the scene creator. You took away the possiblity to define the ambilight with a scene or save the current light setting as a scene. Furthermore, you can not use predefined suggestions.

  2. Sunrise: Why isn’t there the possibilty to start the light from dark (zero) and let it go through warm white (moon) to its highest level and then slowly change into a bluish white (sun) like a real sunrise is doing it? I would never use “sunrise” if it does not start from zero.

  3. Timer can not be set with sunrise?! Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible anymore?

  4. Can you please integrate music mode for the ambilight?

  5. Please implement possibility to set music mode as a scene.

Thanks for helpen :slight_smile:

Yes, a music mode is a must!!!

What is music mode?


Oh that’s cool, I want it for my Yeelight 650 :slight_smile:

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Ambiente light for Kodi please!

Is there a Plan to do this?

Guys? :slight_smile: Please!!!

We didn’t find a decent way to do this for JIAOYUE 650, we will consider it.

For me, it is enough to make it in the API…

Can you please be specific on which point your are refering to?

Points 1-3 are my most important ones.

What is the problem of implementation of music mode?

Do you have any updates on the other points next to music mode?

Yeelight stuff music mode is a must feature on this lamp. Please make it happen. :wink:


Is there any update yet on the music mode? 60 commands/minute is extremely low for the ambilight feature.

@dingyichen Is there any update to get the music mode enabled?