Mijia bedside lamp randomly showing as offline on Yeelight


I have the Mijia bedside lamp and use Yeelight to control it. For the first day, it worked fine, but then it suddenly didn’t let me control anything anymore and disconnected. I can reset it and - sometimes - I can get it to work for a little while (anything from 1 s to 30 min), sometimes I cannot reconnect at all. It is all on a 2.4G network, and I can see the “yeelink device” on the wireless router when it is connected. I tried reinstalling the app, but this did not help. In MiHome, I cannot find the lamp at all. My phone is on Android 7.0.

Could you please advise on this problem. I have sent you feedback on the app but not heard back yet.

Best regards

We have been working on it. Stay tuned!

Somehow we managed to push the newest update on it while it stayed connected at one point for more than 10 min, and it has been working so far! Fingers crossed.


We have fixed that issue with latest firmware. If you got any problem with that, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I to suffer the same problem. Updated the new firmware but no different. The other light gateway all ok. Please help


I think the problem was that we couldn’t stay connected long enough to get the firmware to update. After trying many times, we managed to update the firmware on the lamp and since then it has been working without any problems. Not sure if the same problem as yours?


Please show me your current firmware version.

@sutcliffe69 please double check yours

My firmware is 1.5.5_0163 It wont let me do a schedule or anything as it will not stay online. It is about 10m from the router with no walls. if you view my mi & Yi account you will see we have many devices. this is the only problem as well as being the newest addiction.

This is utter bs. I have lamp 2. 50% of the time it is connected. When it starts an automation, it often doesn’t finish. It is in the same room as a generic Wi-fi socket that has never once lost connection.

Also I have xiami rf blaster. Also works 50% of the time.

Maybe that should be your tag Line?

(I’ve bought some mechanical timers to power cycle this crap ever 24h)