Mijia Bedside lamp offline

Hi, my mijia bedside lamp is offline but the lamp is turned on
i tried to reset the lamp but when i scan it to add new device it’s not detected

Are you using iPhone or Android phone? Try another phone system. Make sure the bluetooth is on.

i’m using android, i tried to use other phones but it still doesn’t work
i think the lamp won’t reset
i followed the instruction on how to reset the lamp
unplug>hold power button>plugin
but the lamp color doesn’t reset so i think the lamp won’t reset

i also tried the hold power with preset for 5 seconds
still not detected

the bedside lamp is installed now (online)
but i can’t link the lamp to google home
it says account is linked but the device does not appear on google home devices
MI ID: 1802895936

@yusure Please help have a check.