Mijia bedside lamp - brightness


I purchased 2 Mijia Bedside Lamps and noticed slightly different colours.
After the testing I think it’s a softwareproblem.

I disassembled both of then and send the following code via telnet.

One Lamp is using the white leds and the other one is not.

After switching the leds to the other controller board the same behaviour appeared on the same board.

Is it possible the correct this behaviour.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, are they both MIjia bedside lamp? And please make sure update to the latest firmware and have a try, we changed light-mixing algorithm recently.

Hi, yes they are both Mijia beside lamp and they both run on firmware version 1.5.5._0163.

Hello, is the white led on in other color like 4000k?

One lamp is using the white led and the other one is not. (like in the picture above). They both run on identical settings. In both lamps the white LEDs are functional.