Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 not connect with my phone

Hello,I apologize in advance for my English, I use google translator)

Until recently, everything worked fine, but once the connection between the phone and the lamp was lost. I rebooted the lamp and tried to reconnect, but it did not work!

It is uploaded to 15-16% (picture 1) on all available servers, and then flies to the home screen (picture 2)

It seems the lamp still connected to your router.

Have you tried mainland china server?

Wi-Fi connects to the router for a while after the reboot, and then disappears.

I was probyval with all the servers - the US, Singapore and China.

@liufei crash issue?

What’s your router model?

Asus Model- RT-N12 VP B1

I solved the problem!
Apparently the problem was in my phone (iPhone 4s)
After I connected the lamp with another phone, the lamp appeared in my account and started working

Glad to hear.