Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 no wifi connection

Hi Guys,

i’m not able to connect the Bedside Lamp 2 to my wifi.
The mi app stops at 100%.
The Yeelight app also show connect not possible.

I also tried a lot of Location.
I tried to setup the connection on my iPhone and on the iPad.
Both got IOS 11.2 Beta2 on it.

There is also nothing shown up on my DHCP server.

Is there a problem with the servers or the IOS App?
Is there any rule for the WIFI name, my WIFI name contain / and .

when i try the 1st time i found the lamp and it stops the conection at 99% now i cant even found the lamp on scan i use iphone 5s :S

If you don’t see it on your DHCP list after connection failed, it means the lamp has issues to connect to your router. What’s the type of the router? Please reset the lamp and setup a hotspot with another phone to see if the lamp can be connected.