Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 appearing as offline

In this afternoon my new bedside lamp gen 2 appears as offline when it´s turned on for two times. I don´t know what to do. I have reseted the device, then it appears as Off and then as Offline.

Suddenly it appears connected again, but now another time offline, and i can´t control the lamp.

Common…i have problems with colours, with the connection, the default light feature is missing…i prefer the old gen lamp, this one is a nightmare.

Any help? my bedside lamp 2 keeps going offline when it´s turned on when it wants.

Firmware 1.4.8_150

Yeelight app 3.0.02 for android.

same here. :frowning:

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Does your Lamp shows Deep Red? I dont know if my Lamp is defective. Thanks

no, tried this and it won’t show deep red like the strips and bulbs

I´m very disappointed with this new lamp, the first gen bedside lamp shows all the colours correctly.

I can´t even set my default light. The option is missing, so if I change the colour i lose my default colour.

Control Lan appears as enabled all time.

The lamp appears as offline when it wants and i can´t control it…:cry:

this is my first bedside lamp. didn’t have the first gen. just bought it, when I was in China.

but I think the guys at yeelight will find a solution for this.

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Yes, it needs a new firmware to fully work with the new app. And hope they correct the colour palette.

I have the same problem! My lamp just goes offline, pretty much all the time, and when I reconnect, it only works for a very short amount of time. I don’t hear back from their helpdesk. Has anyone found out what the problem is?