Mija Bedside Lamp v2 - scenes support in Mi Home app

Hi, I like yellight Bedside Lamp and other Xiaomi devices. I control all of them trough Mi Home (prefer to have 1 app for all).

Unfortunatelly I cannot see an option to set a schedule with scene usage (I bought this lamp mainly for sunrise scene every morning). I can do that trough yeelight app BUT: 1) I have to use 2 apps, 2) Yeelight app is constantly displaying me info about Bedside lamp in my notifications which I don’t like.

Please bring support of scenes to the Mi Home app. That would be perfect!

We have added item to control it showable in the notification, will release in two days (Android version).

Thank you.

And what about ability to use scenes in schedule trough Mi Home app? I would like to use this single app to control all devices at home.

And the second functionallity missing when using yeelight trough Mi Home: I can save & add currently setted color to my favourites but I have not found a way to access my favourites in Mi Home when launching Yeelight part.

Currently we have no plan to add more functions to Yeelight through MiHome.

Pitty. Scenes are the reason why we have bought the lamp. In that case we wont buy additional pieces to other rooms and search for some alternative lamp.