MiHome & Yeelight on 2 servers China & Singapore

So, I have quite many depleted phones and I setup my yeelights in Singapore Server both in MiHome & Yeelight in order to using with IFTTT, while, on another phone, can i set up my Yeelights again on China Server with another Mi Account? Because I want to use yeelights with other products which only are available on china Server. Would I be able to set up like that? How those bulbs gonna behave?

No, one device can only connect to one server, and IFTTT is only available in Singapore. Sorry for the limitation.

The answer is no, one Yeelight device can only by connected one server.

You can select Singapore with Yeelight and Mainland China in Mi Home. Then you can use other products but you can not see these Yeelight devices from Mi home.

Oh, what a pity! Wish either IFTTT support China Server or Singapore Server supports more products is good for me.

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Automation will be deployed to Singapore server soon.

Yep, I’ve been waiting, at least for the Arqua Socket to be deployed in Singapore Server and Mi Smart Powerstrip.

My approach might help with problem of IFTTT not working on chinese server: http://forum.yeelight.com/t/ok-google-voice-commands-with-yeelight-rgbw/62/9

(see my post at the end of thread)

I know your post, quite well the post, but I also need home automation to work with yeelight. Just hope it’d be deployed in Spore soon.

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Any news on the Singapore automation? Thanks

still not available i think.
there’s also more servers available now, “US server (recommended)” and my favourite “The US (Singapore server)”.

don’t know what was smoked when they decided on “The US (Singapore server)” naming convention but i want some.