Mihome Automation Can't "adjust" color, brightness or temp to specific values

I want to make my yeelight come on a 6AM with a blue color and low brightness from the Mihome app, but the “adjust” options won’t select. There is a strange little icon next to these 3 “adjust” options. Is it a padlock? Is it a shopping cart? Picture below.

At the same time, I want some other appliances to come on with my Xiaomi Smart Sockets, so the MiHome app is the right one for me. Not the Yeelight app.

I can select “Switch color”, but this presumably just moves from the current color along to the next one. I want to use the Automation function to set specific colors at different times of the day. How do I do this with Automation in the MiHome App?

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These actions only work with some specific IF conditions. As far as I know the allowed IF conditions include Xiaomi Magic Cube’s actions.

OK. I guess the broader question is; How can I can make my light automatically turn Blue in the morning (and switch on some smart sockets), and orange in the afternoon?

Is this possible with the MiHome app?

any development relating this question. I’m also facing the same issue

Try “Turn on and set light”

For my ceiling light, I set a favourite in Yeelight apps and in Mi Home, I use Turn on favourites option. Not sure about bedside lamp. You may wish to try explore if this options is available on your device.

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Thanks it works for me too. Set favorites and then use that in options.

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Hi. I cannot find option Set Favorite or similar in auto sets, help