MI Switch and yeelights

I have 2 yeelight bulbs and the beside lamp (Wi-Fi version)

I am trying to control with the Mi home app and Mi smart switch. If I set a scene for a single bulb nothing works… however if I create a yeelight group it works perfectly (control multiple bulbs at once)

It’s also not working to control my air purifier 2. I have reset the gateway and reinstalled still same problem. On mainland China server

You could verify the issue by creating: if click manually, then trigger a scene on bulb. If this works, you can tell the issue is caused by triggering side instead of yeeight bulb.

The bulb works fine I can turn it off and on etc

I can use the mi switch to turn the group off but problem with individual bulb. I suspect this is control problem but where can I get the technical advice for this?