Mi gateway on Singapore server


Earlier today, i switched to the Russian server and the list of devices was empty.


I have just add the gateway to the Singapore server. Add one door sensor to it and create automation rules to turn on the gateway light when the door open. The rules manage to run…
But when I tried to go back into the gateway, it said “couldn’t initialize device”. But the automation rules still runs.

I’m using iOS with latest Mi Home app.


On my Android with lastest Mi Home apps, I did not see the gateway that I add on my iOS. Not sure why… But those automation rules works till now…


Update… My gateway on Singapore server now can initialize. Able to go into the device now and change setting like brightness of the light.


Does this also work on your android device?


Update… I found out there is intermittent problem on initializing the device. Sometime the device open and load the setting page, sometimes error will show up. Have tried clearing the cache, but still the same.


Nope. On my android, I don’t see the gateway therefore unable to add. The gateway I add on my iOS does not appear on my android Mi Home app too.


You can go into your Gateway settings? Which version of Gateway do you have?


V2 the one with online radio.


is it working with singapure server?


Not really perfectly. You can add the gateway, you see sensors, but you can’t acces into the gateway and sensors view.


Kind of… The initialize device error is random… But the automation is working. Hopefully they will fix that soon…


Guys, I’ve just checked and MiHome 5.1.19 is available for me. I translated the Chinese release logs, and it specifically says they support Russian server there. Can someone please update and check. Like mentioned before I would buy I have a ton of devices and don’t want to risk losing them in the process :slight_smile:


Is 5.1.19 for Android? If so, do you have a link to the APK?


Yeah for android…

You can quickly google for it but I guess this link should be valid:



Thats version 5.0.19, not 5.1.19 :wink:

Currently, only version 5.1.18 is available on apkmirror:


Sorry my bad, but you can see that it exists on this Russian forum, although their link doesn’t work for some reason:

For me it was an OTA update from the app itself, not from the store. They are usually at least 5-6 updates from the app, until and official update pops in the play store.


Guys, sorry, but I’m lost. I moved some Yeelight devices from Singapore to German server and they work perfect, even with Google Home. But, isn’t clear for me if these devices, on German server, are working also with Xiaomi Gateway and sensors and its automation. I don’t have the Gateway/Sensors right now but I want to buy it, but only if I keep the Google Home integration. Thank you.


So far that was impossible. You couldn’t see gateway when you connect to Europe server. Hence you couldn’t add sensors etc. Xiaomi did promise a working European server in 1st quarter 2018. So we
shall see… It seems they launched Russian one (and they announced that as well) a couple of days ago, so we might get EU one soon.


On Singapore server Xiaomi Gateway, switches, sensors and automation works just fine, but you will need an iOS device to add and manage them.