Mi gateway on Singapore server


Yes, you are right. Currently Germany server is the same as Singapore server. And only China mainland server supports these automations.


Here in germany i’ve got the version 5.1.20 but not tested any connection on Singapore server, because of much sendors :wink:


Yes Germany server works with Google Home


Does the Germany server supports the Xiaomi Gateway and sensor?




So that doesn’t help much with solving the problem of running both Google Home and Xiaomi Gateway :frowning:
I don’t understand why Xiaomi isn’t putting any efforts in solving this issue. Adding new servers that doesn’t support the Gateway doesn’t help.


I can’t find any German server in Mi App. The Eu server means German?




Writing just to say that Xiaomi sent me an answer today (after i asked them some days ago, why they are not answering) and even though in the previous email they told me that the “dedicated team is currently working on this issue”, now they told me again that about gateway working currently in China server and they told me about this issue with Yeelight to "ask the company to contact us for further assistance
So what they besically said is for me the customer) to ask you yeelight to contact them (that sounds funny since we know that the two companies cooperate and should have already an internal communication channel and not through customers… or maybe the cooperation is loose for some reason and there is no actual communication)
This is the exact copy paste from their email:
“For Yeelight smart devices, please suggest customer to ask the company to contact us for further assistance.”
Why would they want me to ask you to contact them about this? I really dont understand their answers.

I already given up with them long time ago and didnt expect their answer at all so since i dont want to have anything to do with Xiaomi again (already cancelled any new purchases of Xiaomi products) my answer to them was harsh because i was frustrated at the time (i have regretted my answer i shouldnt answer to them at all anymore), so its up to you if you want to contact them as they told me to tell you guys or if you dont.


I will try to convey your message to the right person.


I just got response from product manager, they actually working on it and almost get it ready. He promised to push it harder.


This is great!
Thank you for your quick feedback and quick contact with them!


Oh great just when I trade my Amazon Echo to Google Home, hope they push a Google Home support as well. Either way this is a very exciting news!


Great to hear that! Thanks for the effort.


Great news!!!

Gateway goes officially on sale April 4th in Hong Kong. This means devices will have to support HK server, that also supports Alexa integration for Yeelight products.

I will move all my devices to HK server on the 4th to try. I have the full set of switch, motion sensor, lights, ceiling lights, wireless switch, temperature sensor and magic cube working now in China server.



Well, but what about Google Home and Yeelight devices?
It seems there is not HK server on Yeelight app :thinking: then, is Google Home supporting HK?


Currently, there are four servers: Mainland China、Singapore、US and Germany server. There’s no HK server actually, if you select HK server in Mihome, it is the same with Singapore.

So I am not sure if Gateway is supported with Singapore :wink:


You don’t need to switch to HK server if your devices were connected to Singapore.

HK server and Singapore server are actually same physical server.


Hi, I am observing this topic but in my Yeelight app I can see only three without German. Did I miss anything? App ver. 3.1.11. Thx


Hopefully we can use the gateway and all Xiaomi sensor with google home voice command ASAP