Mi band2 and yeelight ceiling light

Hey guys,

I just got the yeelight ceiling lamp and
even though I looked everywhere i can’t seem to find the option to connect and use mi band with ceiling lamp.

Also don’t know where to look for to set up a scene so the ceiling lamp goes off once I fall asleep.

Can someone be kind to help me??

Thank you so much!!

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Did you use Yeelight app? If yes, click “settings” in up right corner, you will find an option to bind with Mi band.

On ipad i dont have the choice to connect anything under settings…

Could you post a screen shot here? Please use “Yeelight” app and make sure the ceiling lamp’s firmware is the newest.

I am using color bulb. But that is not the same?

The color bulb doesn’t support Mi Band integration … The subject of this thread is about Yeelight Ceiling Light :frowning:

So it is a hidden feature? This partner site say something else…

It claims the device should be with BLE capability… The color bulb is WiFi only.

Thank you so much for the fast answer! :slight_smile:

Under the settings option I can’t seem to find one to pair with mi band. I have the same options as shown on Lykk’s screen shot… :confused:

Im using Yeelight app, Yeelight ceiling with latest firmware 1.4.6_162.

hi, Connecting to miband is not supported in non-Chinese language on your iOS device because of the unsupported of Mi Fit. You can use Android phone to have a try.

I have iOS. Using server in mainland china. So I would have to change the language of mi fit? Is there any work around?

  1. Try with android phone, which doesn’t have similar limitation
  2. Change system language of your iphone to simple Chinese

Ok, i´ll try that later today.
Wish me luck! LOL

Thank you so much for all the support. You are amazing!

I´m happy to be a part of this forum and get the help I need… Will be checking it daily to find out all the news regarding the YEELIGHT Echosystem! :wink:

Tried to change the language… no luck. No option to pair the miband… :frowning:

Can you attach a screen shot?

UGuess what… I got it working! Downloaded google translator and found my way to the mi band option. Now the thing is, I set my iPhone language back to mine but app Yeelight still is in Chinese. :joy:

I’m afraid if I unistall it and install back I’ll lose the mi band pairing with the ceiling light…

Edit: never mind. App is back in English after I changed the region also back to mine.
The mi band icon still is on ceiling light… will it work still?

Yes, it will

Thank you once again! Problem solved

I have similar problem. I can’t pair my mi band 2 and yeelight ceiling. How can I do? Can you help me? I use Mi home app(android) but I can’t.