Manage yeelight GROUP

Hi everybody,

I bought one Yeelight LED Bulb (color) and I liked a lot, for this reason I bought two more, because there are 3 bulbs in my room (2 in one lamp and 1 in other lamp).

I use the Android app to manage them and I have created a group because I would like manage two yeelight of the lamp at the same time. That’s the problem, I create the group and added the 2 Yeelights but I can’t manage this group. I click over it (red line in the image), and do nothing.

How I could manage the two yeelight at the same time? because both yeelight are in the same lamp.


That is weird, I tried it from my phone, add two Yeelight to the group, it works well. By the way, you can download “Yeelight” app from Google play, have a try.

Ok, thank you a lot.

I was wrong because I tryed to do with the MiHome App wich it doesn’t works but I donwloaded Yeelight App, then it works pefectly.