Low buzz sound in RGB/Flow modes

Hello, I just bought a 2nd generation Bedside lamp and at first I was very happy with it. During last night, after upgrading the device’s firmware to the last avaiable version via Yeelight android app, I noticed that my unit produces a low buzz sound when the Color Mode or the Flow Mode are selected. The sound is very low in volume but clearly audible at 1-2 meters from the lamp. It is somewhat louder if the light is dimmed and/or set as purple hue. When in Flow Mode the buzz is persistent all over the avaiable colors.
It’s my unit faulty?

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This is my current firmware: 1.5.5_0163

@dingyichen may you help me?

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I have the same problem too.
Have you solution ? Is it hardware or software problem ?

My bed lamp V2 (wifi connect) version is 1.5.5-164
I m using gocomma adapter for european electricity

I am very sensible to this noise. It’s disturbing me :confused:

Same problem here. I suppose it’s not due to a faulty hardaware.

Ok we are not alone

@demasque92 have you resolved this problem ?

I am disappointed if it’s hardware problem…

@dingyichen do you or an other member of staff give us an answer please ?

@demasque92 @Xoulos

Do you mean you can hear low buzz sound after update to latest firmware?

I hear a continuous noise “yiiiiii” on my 2 bedside lamps.


First lamp : i choose purple or green color or sunset mode with yeelight application (last version : 1.5.5_0164)

Seconde lamp: i choose flux colors or red or green with yeelight application (last version : 1.5.5_0164)

I tested my second lamp without update (1.4.8_150) and neither yeelight application and the noise do not appear (except sometimes during change color (1s) but not in continuous)

Android application 3.1.11
US server ( I live in France)
Id : 1740902220

can you confirm whether is the buzz from adapter?

Precision for me, the buzz noise comes from my 2 lamps, not their adapter

I know what you mean with the buzz from the lamp.
Sometimes it can be that the lamp is resonating in its armature.

In a closed bulb ; for example a simple IKEA Fado Glass bulb you’ll not hear the lamp making buzzing sounds.
In a standing lamp like an IKEA HEKTAR I noticed that under some conditions you can hear your lamp…

Check if the Socket of the lamp is not loose… this might amplify the buzzing noise…

The noise is produced from the lamp, not the adapter. @chyhaiyuan
No, I haven’t resolved this issue. @Xoulos
Even after upgrading to the latest firmware the buzz is still there.
I don’t know what to do, in certain conditions (i.e. room at night) the buzz is low but very much udible.

I can hear the buzz since I bought the lamp and upgraded it to 1.5.5_0163, now I have got the latest firmware but the problem is still present. I asked to other owners of the Bedside Lamp 2 and from what they tell me some of them have the same issue, some other don’t have it.

do you have an explanation ? Maybe

maybe there is something wrong with the hardware of the lamp, so firmware upgrading is useless.
i suggest to exchange it.

I am going to try exchange my 2 products with gearbest. I hope i will have not the same problem