Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control and Hub


I was going to purchase this remote but before I do can anyone tell me will I be able to use it to control my yeelights.
I have looked online but i cant see anyone else using this remote with yeelights. It does come with the hub if that helps.

Ideally I was to be able turn on and off and when pausing a movie the light brighten by 25% etc


Logitech Harmony is not an open ecosystem. We have contacted them many times, they are evaluating our products and scales. For Hue and Lifx, Logitech team did all the work to make the integration possible.

Any news on the Harmony Integration for yeelight? I also have a Harmony hub and am Interested in this.

Harmony is not an open platform to 3rd party integration. We have contacted them for several times, however, they just told us they need to do some evaluation…

I Sent a request to the Harmony Support and they Said they are going to give my request further to the developers.

Any updates on this?..