Lights are not detected through Amazon or IFTTT

I have tried on two different networks in different houses, and it still will not connect through the apps. In both apps I link the account, and when I go to detect the devices nothing is detected. Help.

Could you show me your XIAOMI ID,and have a double check that you had added devices on Yeelight APP.
Which server do you selected?

My ID is 1719031400. I have both devices added and can control them from the app, it just doesn’t show once I try to integrate into ifttt or Amazon echo.

We find you have two devices in China Mainland Server, and IFTTT/Alexa doesn’t support China Mainland Server,so you can select other servers and reconnect your devices.
By the way,could you please give me your phone model and your Yeelight APP version and when do you linked the two devices to our server?We need those information to check some issue.
Much thanks!