Lightbulb can't auto reconnect to wifi ?

Hi. I just purchased Yeelight white and it works great. It can connect to wifi and I can control it. But, because i have spotty internet connection, i sometimes have to restart my router. Upon restarting, the light bulb is offline with refresh button shown and i can’t control it anymore.Pressed the refresh button a few times but it’s still offline. I have to switch the light on and off so it can reconnect to my wifi . Is there any solution to this ?

Please upgrade to the newest firmware.

Im already using the latest firmware. Version 1.4.1_48

Anybody ? No ?

When this issue happens again, please logon to your router and check if the bulb is present in your DHCP client list. If yes, please ping it to see if it’s responsible.

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I have the same Problem.
The lamp is connected to my router but does not show up in the App and cant be controled over the Server, for example for wake up mode.

Thats a huge problem for me because i only bought the xiomi ceiling lamp (480) for waking me up. my router always cancels the internet connection at night and receives a new dynamic IP. Afterwards the lamp is finds the connection to the router again, but obviously not to the server.

Why you stll can’t fix this huge issue? I have 6 ceiling Yeelights, but I won’t buy again. It is just not reliable with connection and it is PITA, that you need to power cycle to reconnect to router.

No it’s not on DHCP list, it is simple not connected.

If I do a power cycle it’s showing up immediately.