Light Strip Connection issues

Hey guys, just joined the forum.

I got a yeelight strip which was recommended to me. But upon trying to connect it to my WiFi, it won’t connect at all.

I’ll set up the WiFi on the phone fine and then connect to the strips wifi, as that shows up in my phones wifi settings. But then when I go back to the yeelight app, it just say “0% connecting” and just stays there.

I’ve tried connecting to a mobile hotspot but still nothing.

Part of me thinks I have a faulty strip, but my sisters is exactly the same (she bought hers at the same time). However, my dads works absolutely spot on (he bought his at the same time also).

Does anyone have any tips or anything?

I’m in the UK, using iOS devices to set up, and with Sky for my ISP.

I’ve also tried to ping the xiaomi link to see if my ISP is blocking anything, but I can still ping it fine.

If it helps, my ID is 1787894379.

It’s a shame this is happening as I would have started to buy more Yee products instead of hue.

I hope you guys can get this sorted.

Hi, recently we have received several feedbacks about the issue,and it only happens with IOS devices. We are working on the fix, so please have a try with an Android device. If you connect the strip to the cloud with the same account, you can also get it with your iPhone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you being serious?

“Professionals”? There arent any dedicated people who set up yeelights anywhere near me, or any dedicated smart home installers.

Plus im not sure how much more professional than splitting my network between 2.4GHz and 5GHz, then ensuring theyre on seperate channels (11 & 36).

Also having 2 routers and creating a seperate mesh network just for the Amazon Echos in my house.

So 3 seperate networks im able to set up, but because there is a bug with the iOS app, I need to consult a professional?

Youre an absolute idiot, I hope you enjoy knowing you had me cracking up in public.

I mean to say that take advice with some professionals, or friends who know how to solve the issue.