Light goes offline

I did a update on my router(Ubiquity) for the latest firmware yesterday, required restart. After that I notice all the lights goes offline on my apps. This morning one of the light goes back online.The other one is offline. No choice have to do reset. Now all working.
I’m curious if resetting of router will have any effect on the yeelight apps.

It’s not about the App, it’s the bulb. Is your bulb the latest firmware? The old firmware has some DHCP issue which under your case (router reset) may cause offline.

Thanks Weiwei

Probably that’s is the reason… Both ceiling light has recently updated the latest firmware. Will need to see if this happened again.

Btw, I notice the apps has quite slow indication of the status when I turn On/Off on the apps. I have refresh a number of times before it shows the correct status. Is this normal…


Which server did you choose? Singapore or China?
BTW, in next App release, we will support local control mode which will greatly improve the responsiveness.

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Hi Wei wei

All the time the apps is in Singapore server. I thought it should be the best selection as it is the nearest.

The status is helpful to me as when I’m outside, I can see who is using the light. Or sometime when I’m on another room, I can check if the light is On or Off. But if the status is not in realtime, my assumption will be according to what it is displayed. Since is not realtime, most of the time I need to switch ON/Off to check the light if is really belongs to the status.
That defeat the purpose of having a status with no realtime information. If this can be improved, that will be great.
I’ll also like to see the status graphic or text to be bigger… There’s so much space around the area. It will really make the user more easy on the eyes during day time… Thanks

If you were using Android version, double check if you have enabled LAN Control in yeelight settings. If so, disable it and try again.

Yes, I’m in Android base… the LAN control is always in off mode. Currently the switching ON/OFF is quite immediate, just that the status show is much delayed until I refresh a few times.

Device status change supposed to be pushed to app immediately after change happen. It seems app didn’t receive push messages for your case. We will look into it. Sorry for the problem.

Thanks coasterli

I just tested on my mobile and tablet… both are Android system with singapore server n LAN off.

Both have similar delay on the status… tried on two ceiling lights, both phone and tablet will switch ON/OFF almost immediate. The status will comes around 5-10 seconds later. Which is quite slow… at times I missed it thought it did not switch. It status update is not consistent, some time 5 sec… some time around 10 sec…