LED Strip doesn't save default state

I purchased 7 pcs of Led strip to use them as a ceiling backlight. After one of them was updated to the last firmware (1.4.1_32), the strip stopped saving the default state. It says: “Saved” but the strip doesn’t turn on after switching off and on. You must press the power button (on case or in app) to turn it on.
Other 6 pcs work fine with previous firmware. For testing, I tried to update one of them to last firmware too. And the problem repeated. Now I have 2 pcs of strip that don’t turn on after re-switching of power.
I have already tried to reset the device to the factory settings, re-pairing, reinstall yeelight app etc. I think the problem is really in the firmware of the device.
So, now, I can’t use my backlight because it lights partially after power up. Need to turn other two parts on via app.

We made some changes on firmware that keep the light off after power on unless you press the power button. So please don’t upgrade other strips to the latest firmware if you want to save default state.
BTW, we have received same feedbacks like you, and we are considering to roll it back.


Strange solution from developers. As I understand, this is an additional feature and it can be disabled by user through settings. Why disable it at the firmware? I think the manufacturer must warn before updating about such changes in the firmware. They made the strip unworkable in my case. Strips are hidden under the ceiling, access to the buttons is not possible.
How can I return the functionality I need? How long to wait for firmware fix?

Hi, I have the same problem now. I bought light strips 4 weeks before and have a latest firmware on it, but default state ist not saved. After a shutdown, there is always the last configuration you’ve had there when you have shut it down.

Could you upgrade firmware fort light strips?

Hello, have the default state issues been resolved?
I am considering buying the LED strip, but only if it supports the default state functionality as in other Yeelight products, i.e. manually setting the default state and automatically saving the default state.
What I really need is to be able to load the last configuration when power is restored to the strip.