LED explosion, possible to replace?


We have Yeelight Bedside Lamp v1 (silver base), bought it around 1.5 year ago (it’s out of warranty).

A couple of days ago in the evening, there was a loud sound from the lamp (like crack?) and it stopped working. I’ve tried to reset it (keep the power button and plug in power cable), but it’s no longer discoverable using the Yeelight iOS app.

I’m guessing the LED died (a bit short lived to be honest), and I looked but I don’t see a way to open the lamp. How can I replace the led and get the lamp back?

Thank you!

The best thiing you can do is buy a new one. Yeelight has since released a new version of the Bedside lamp with Wifi and Bluetooth. Mijia bedside Lamp.

Or maybe the problem/crack is in the lamps charger? I guess you don’t have an extra compatible charger to test it?

Thank you for your answers! To be honest I feel a little weird to be throwing out a bedside lamp after 1.5 year of use.

Nina1982 we will take it to local store that sells Yeelight but the sound was audible from the lamp, unfortunately.

Could anyone official respond to the replacement of bulb enquiry?

I think same it happen to me …but i didn’t witness or realize any crack sound… I being using it for only 1 year…very disappointing how short the life span is considering the cost of the lamp…

buy philips from now on, I know it costs but it doesn’t have this kind of support -.-