Led e27 coulor - where is time on/off schedule?


Why make a simple app more complicated, makes no sense. Was a good app before this version. So where is on/off schedule???


Any admins, support care to answer??? What’s the point?


Hi, do you mean you can’t find function of Schedules of the bulb? You can find it in control view:


OK, how to see Control View in app?


From main page of Yeelight, there is an icon name “Device” in the bottom, from it you can see your devices connected to cloud. Click the device, you will go to the device control view.


This is device control view, where is control view?


Select your bulb then press the triangle shape button on the bottom right.


Hi, I found the schedule menu and try to make a schedule to turn off the light at certain time…
but the Start Scene doesn’t have an option to turn off/turn on like previous app.
How to make it turn off at certain time (scheduled), for ex: Yellight will turn off from 11:00 PM to 05:00 AM.


Have made optimization for Schedule start scene, will release in a week or so.


I still don’t see the scheduling function and I have the latest iOS versions of both yeelight and Mi Home app. I had to buy some bulbs from TP-link as their Kasa app made scheduling so easy. Please confirm if you have added this function to your apps