Latest app crashing

Hey guys just updated to new version and i have constant crashes of app… it is open and it displays app has crashed dialog and every 10.seconds the same…

Same here… Unusable…


Same here. Android 7.1.2
Also looks like it didn’t fix double devices problem

All, we will take a look at it. For now, please clear cache data or reinstall the application. Any question, let us know. Thanks!

Already clean cache and stop forced… If I uninstall the app am I forced to reset the devices connected to the app?

Yes, me too, tried cache, then cache and data. No go. Had to rollback to previous version

If anybody needs to rollback… here are previous vserions :slight_smile:

Yeelight app versions

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Clearing cache, data or reinstall doesn’t help. Still crashing all the time.

Same here. LG G5, Android 7.0

Crashing from the first second, again and again, continuously, on Note 8 the last beta application !

I feel so sorry for the inconvenience.

We have upload a new version 3.0.40, please have a try. :wink:

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