Lamp doesn't turn on immediately when using the physical button


Done, please have a try tomorrow.


Quick response after one day of normal usage with the beta test version:

so far the error seems completly fixed. I had no “failed” activations.

However, I will observe this over the weekend and report back.


Thanks for feedback!


I have noticed that on this version, the lamp doesn’t switch out of night mode automatically. If i have night mode set to kick in from midnight to 6am, the lamp will glow orange forever until I manually switch to a normal light, then the same thing will happen the next day. I’m pretty sure it worked fine before, I had a normal glow during the day outside of night mode hours.


thanks for your feedback.
we design the night mode function as :

  1. when the night mode is enabled and the moment is in night mode time as your setting.
  2. turn on, then the lamp will glow orange for you.
    so night mode light need an turning on action to trigger it.
    if your want to exit to normal light, another turn on action is needed.
    auto exit from night mode light is not support now.


I probably wasn’t clear enough. Consider this situation with night mode set from 00 to 6am

  1. I turn on the lamp at 1am, and it turns on orange just fine
  2. I turn off the lamp shortly after
  3. At 8am, I turn on the lamp, light is still orange
  4. Unless I press the little button to go back to white light mode, lamp will stay orange forever, even on subsequent power on off events



One of the function of bedside lamp is to remember last light status, so as you turn on the lamp in step 1 and turn off in step 2, even current time is not in night mode period, it should remember orange.
Moreover, in order to open the lamp with a very low brightness in night mode, the lamp is set to be opened with orange in color mode but not white mode, so in step 4, after pressing the mode button(the little one), you should focus on color mode but not white mode

Please contact us if you have other confusion.


Hello Again.
After nearly one week of testing I can safely say that the issue is fully resolve. I have not encountered the problem again with the new beta firmware.

Thank you for the fix!


Good to know, we will release it online officially.