Konto erstellen nicht möglich/ no account confirmation ..no response to email account

Ich melde mich mit der App auf meinem IPhone an, bekomme aber keine Email von yeelight zur Bestätigung.

Use the iPhone app for creating an account. Nothing happens, i get no confirmation email to my email adress.
Nothing in spam

Same problem here. I do not receive the confirmation mail during registration process. Mailprovider is @ gmx.de . App is installed on Samsung Galaxy S6. Support doesn’t react on my mail since tuesday.


Könntest du den Threadtitel bitte noch übersetzen, z.B. in “No confirmation mail” ? Sonst schränken wir den Kreis der helfenden Leser hier zu sehr ein. Danke und LG


What’s your email to register Mi account. For some security consideration, not all email provider can register Mi account, there’s a white list. So tell me your email, we will add your email provider to the list.

We feel sorry about the issue, will confirm if gmx.de in the list.

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meine E-mail lautet ********@web.de

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…will confirm if gmx.de in the list.[/quote]
Thanks for your reply. Can’t wait to get started with Alexa. The ceiling light is great! With Alexa it will be greater.

@Christian @Bruno1 We have fixed the issue, please have a try. Thanks!