Keep getting logged out mijia account


Keep getting logged out of my mijia account which prevents automation from working correctly. I’m logged in China mainland.

Do you acknowledge also this?


Do you use Yeelight or MiHome? which is your mi account?

I use mihome

Even your account is logged out on your phone, the automation will still be triggered, because all those automations are saved on cloud instead of your phone.

Thank you so much for your answer.

The ones with geo fencing don’t work if I’m logged out :frowning:

Could you please drop a mail to and provide your xiaomi account? I will look into it.

Yes I will, right away!

Any update on this?

I’m sure you are still checking out this. Meanwhile, just to let you know that I’ve got my iPad and iPhone logged on my mi home account and only get logged out on my iPhone. Ipad still fine…

I’ll keep waiting for an update.


Yes, we are still looking into it. No clue so far.


It’s seems that with the last update this got solved but now there seems to be another problem.

I keep getting this message when geofencing is triggered

Mi Home has no permission to complete action after iPhone is rebooted, unlock the screen and try again.”

Image attached

I have not rebooted the phone. App still running background.
This seems to happen when switching from home wifi to 4g when I leave the house.

Thank you!