Issues with E27 colour

Sometimes the Yeelight app shows that the E27 light is off, although it isn’t. I then turn the light on in the app (which doesn’t change anything) and then I can turn the light off from the app. If I go back to the app, it again tells me the light is off, although it isn’t.
And sometimes when I choose Flow, it doesn’t flow.
Any idea why it sometimes works and other times doesn’t?

I have the same issues with mine, happens from time to time.
Switching it off/on 2-3 times kinda resets it.
I also encounter “Flow mode” not working, you need to go back to “White Mode”, play with light dim and switch back to Flow.

Hi, you had better connect your light to the proper server(US server or Singapore server).

Yes, already on Singapore server

Same here, Singapore.
Its not a really big deal, as you can fix it in matter of seconds but i’d like it even better if the state of the bulb was better/faster recognized by the app.

Is there a fix to this. One of the purposes of buying this, was to be able to switch light on and off, while not at home.
If I switch it on remotely, it does switch on, but the app tells me it’s still off.
I’ve tried to reset, but still the same issue.

I have the same issue.

It happens to me sometimes, just close the app completely of memory and reopen it. This fixes it for me

You can just pull down in app to refresh the status of the bulbs, it works for me.

I’ve solved it by deleting the Yeelight app and instead controlling the light bulb from the Mi Home app. This works!

The Mi App is allot quicker

This can be problem if somebody will have more devices.