Issue turn off by wall switch. Can two remotes control the same ceiling light?

I have a problem with my ceiling light when i turn off by wall switch and i try to turn on again dont work at first time. I need turn on off sometida times. I have the last firmware and installation is good. I would like to pair two remote control to put on wall? Its posible to pair two diferent RC working same time? Anybody Know how i can resolve the issue?

I forget: the issue only occur when the light is off a while not if i turn on inmedately

One Ceiling light can pair at most 10 remotes.

Please check “Default State” function in control view to confirm if “Auto on upon power resumption” is enabled.

I verified the auto on upon power is enable. I reset the light and remove It from app and uninstall the app and install all again but the issue continues.

I wait for a new firmware to resolve It. Do you Know if possible to reinstall firmware?

Do you Know another possible cause and solution? I would like to keep yeelight but my wife dont like It with this issue and i cant buy other products

Do you Know if a new firmware coming soon?

Please make sure to stay 2 seconds after you turn off by wall switch.

I wait one hour and the problem continues. It is installed with double commuted switchs wall, i dont Know if could be a problem but i try turn off/on un both switch with the same result.

I see in uncategorized on personas with the same problem. He said the problem start with a problem in firmware update a way. Can i reinstall firmware? Do you Know if a new firmware coming soon?

Did you turn on some option for the device?

Not. I try some option like save light but the problem continues. I uninstall the light from app, remove app, clean the phone, reinstall all again and nothing changes. I try with all server.

The problem is if i turn off wall switch after minutes if i want yo turn on again i need first turn on, then turn off and turn on again and the light works.

Sorry for my english

Hi Gerges.
Can I conclude that the first shot always fail, and the 2nd try always works? If it’s the case, then please check on the app if the option “Auto on upon power resumption” has been disabled; if so, enable it and retry.
If the lamp just randomly stay off or turn on after switching on wall switch, then it could be hardware issue. Please make sure the ceiling lamp is installed properly (in some rare cases a twisted dock could result in random power lost, possibly unrelated but worth a try). Please also check environmental factors like temperature and humidity.

Yes, first shot always fail and second shot always works. Auto upon option is enable. I verified the wires and It is good. I try to change wires with the same results. They have exactly 12 mm.

I change one if my switch to see if dont work but the problem continues.

All options if light works fine.

Do you Know if is possible a problem in the firmware update? I dont Know if before update works fine because i update It inmediately.


I think the problem is my light dont save the option “auto upon…” may be for a problem in the firmware update. Is there anyway to reinstall firmware? Or if possible a new firmware upgrade comming soon?

Today i change the other switch wall and the problem continues.

I try to switch off general electricity at home but same. I need to switch on/off and again on.

To me hardware light works fine, all option works fine.


Can anybody answer if its possible to reinstall firmware? Or if firmware update comming soon?


I’m having exactly the same problem, any solution?

I dont Know how but now It works perfect. Solution come alone one month later i installed the lamp. Have you the last firmware?

If the issue comes and goes without any software/configuration changes, it could be some transient hardware defect that seems can be automatically fixed over time. :joy:
If you don’t mind, was there any kind of environmental changes, like temperature and moisture, grid instability, etc?