Is there any why to set Music mode in a scene?

I have noticed that only single devices and sences (no Groups or Rooms) are exposed to Alexa/Google Home and IFTTT so Music flow can only be switched on from the Yeeling App so is it possible to turn on Music flow in a scene please as this would mean that voice control and other integration would be possible?

Alternatively could groups be made available in the Integrations please?


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Hi, good idea! We will have a try to see if it is workable. Currently music mode is available for Groups yet.

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Hi @dingyichen, unfortunately there is no music mode for Groups anymore. You have to activate it for each light which is really annoying.

We have added “Music mode” for groups yet in Yeelight application. Which version do you use?

Hi, I’m using Version 3.2.15 and there is still no Music Mode for groups.

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Which devices do you build in your group? And are there shared devices?

This feature has been requested for YEARS but still no music mode for group!! I’m losing faith in Yeelight listening to customers! :frowning: The new music mode is very good, but if you have to activate it for EVERY individual lamp, I’m hardly ever going to use it!!!

That’s weird… I’ve been using Music Mode for groups since months…

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Really? Can you share with us how you get it to work for a group??

I found out what was wrong. A Group is not a Room. You have to create a Group under Devices. I think it would be cool to have it for Rooms to.

Music Mode as scene for usage with voice assistants would still be a nice addition…