Is it possible to setup the bulb with a single phone with 4G that creates a wifi hotspot?

The problem seems to be that connecting to wifi and creating a wifi hotspot the same time isn’t possible on the phone. And the Yeelight app needs an enabled wifi on the phone to see the bulb (it works), but then it wants the hotspot wifi (which is disabled, because the wifi in enabled), and if i enable the hotspot then the wifi is disabled… Can this be solved somehow?

Here it is said it is possible: Can I connect my yeelight bulb without wifi

You need setup a hotspot with a phone, and connect the bulb with another.


And will I need an other phone just once for the setup? Or another phone is needed all the time to control the bulb?

When you control your bulbs, the command path is like “Your phone --> mi cloud --> your router --> your bulbs”, so there must be a network that bulb connects. If you turn hotspots off, you can’t control it via network. Suggest you connect the bulb with your home network.

Im not sure if i understand you. if the hotspot is always enabled on my single phone, then i dont need an other phone for everday use? (only for the setup?)

Basically my phone is my router at home. I have unlimited 4G so i dont need a separated router.

You still need another one to use, not only for setup.

OK, thanks for your answer. This means this product isn’t for me. Luckily I ordered only a bulb first.


No, don’t need another phone for daily use. As long as your phone enabled 4G and wifi hot spot at the same time.

Wow, thanks! OK, then ill try to it up with a friend! :slight_smile:

YES AND THIS SHOULD BE POSSIBLE FOR ANY SMART DEVICES THAT REQUIRE A WIFI TO BE SET UP…i think… haven’t tried, but if it works you can update us here.

Tl:Dr - The name and password of the hotspot from your phone and the name and password of the wifi you use to setup the smart bulb must be the same for it to recognise your hotspot later on without any other device

Yes this is possible, if you have any a laptop/desktop. You will only need the PC once. You can also do the same with another phone, again you need the other phone only once during setup. Had the same problem and I somehow found a workaround it. This is how you do it:

Note: if you are using another phone (which you will need only once during setup), it is really simple. You just have to connect to your Phone’s hotspot on the other phone. And follow the guide below from Step 4, and replace any mention of BlueStacks emulator with the other temporary phone you have used, i.e. follow the same steps but on the other temporary phone.

Step 1: Create a hotspot from your phone with your 4G mobile data. Set the name of the hotspot as BlueStacks

Step 2 : Open your desktop/laptop and connect to your wifi hotspot from your named BlueStacks.

Step 3 : Download BlueStacks Android emulator from their website and set it up.

Step 4: Download any smart light/ device control app, the same app on both your phone and your PC using the BlueStacks emulator ( I use Wipro Next Smart Home Connect) from the Google Play Store on the BlueStacks emulator using the Play Store option in there.

Step 5: Register on the said smart devices control app using your email address on your phone.

Step 6: Login on the same smart device control app on the BlueStacks emulator using the same email address you have made your account on the app in your phone.

Step 7: Follow the normal process to add a smart light/bulb/ whatever smart device on the app in your PC using the BlueStacks emulator.

Note for pc users: Your wifi hotspot SHOULD be named BlueStacks and it should be connected to your PC, i.e. the name of the wifi on the emulator settings and the name of the wifi hotspot from your phone SHOULD be the same, else it won’t connect. If you are going to use some other Android emulator on your PC, make sure you set the name of the wifi hotspot according to the name of the wifi that is used by the said Android emulator ( you can usually check this in settings/ or somewhere on the said Android emulator). THE NAME AND PASSWORD OF THE WIFI HAS TO BE SAME ON YOUR PHONE’S HOTSPOT TO WHICH YOUR PC IS CONNECTED AND THE NAME AND PASSWORD OF THE WIFI USED BY THE ANDROID EMULATOR, ELSE THIS WON’T WORK. Usually the password of the wifi used by the Android emulator is the same as the wifi to which your laptop is connected, but the name may change, so make sure the name and password match.

Step 8: Follow the procedure to connect your smart bulb on your PC’s Android emulator/ another phone.

Note for PC users: It should connect as long the name and password are the same for both the wifi hotspot from your phone to which the PC is connected and the name of the wifi on your android emulator on the PC.

Note for Other phone users: If you are using another phone make sure you use that phone to connect your smart bulb not the other way around.

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to connect the smart light to the app on the PC Android emulator/ other phone. After this point you will not need the PC/ other phone. You can just use your own phone and switch on your hotspot, which should be the same name and password as the one you used in the above-mentioned steps (since you will need to change the name of your phone’s hotspot if you are using PC, make sure you use the same name and password you used during setup whenever you are using the hotspot to operate the smart bulb from your phone. YOU CAN NOW OPERATE THE SMART BULB USING JUST YOUR PHONE, JUST SWITCH ON YOUR PHONE’S HOTSPOT USING THE SAME NAME AS DURING SETUP TO OPERATE THE SMART BULB USING ONLY YOUR PHONE.

Step 9: PROFIT???..


If anyone does follow these steps and it doesn’t work, just reply, I’ll help out if I can. Cheers!!