Is it possible to control yeelight lightstrip without wifi-router?

There is no wifi router In the room where I use my yeelight lightstrip. I just have my smartphone. I turn on wifi on the smartphone so I can see my yeelight lightstrip in the application. However, I can’t totally add this device in the application becouse it wants wifi-net.
I tried to use my smartphone as a hot-spot, but in this case the wifi is turned off so smartphone can’t find yeelight lightstrip.

Is it possible to control yeelight lightstrip only by one smartphone?

Now I use the second smartphone to fix this problem (one as hot-spot and one with wifi), but this solution is unconvineant.

No, you need second device to control it.

Once the bulb connected to network (no matter network via your router or network via hot-spot started by your phone), you can control it with single phone (could be the same phone running as hot-spot).

You were right. It works.

Glad to know.