Is it possible to control bulbs with yeelight app and MiHome app at the sametime?

I’ve got an amazon echo and would like to control lights with it. Since the automation only works with the mihome app and I want to keep them both. Is it possible to connect a bulb with both apps?
Thanks for reply

Hi, abaozang
you can log in the two app with one xiaomi account, so that you will see the bulb in two app.

Hey thx. Problem solved. My problem was I was using the 2 apps with different servers

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Just taking out this old thread:

want to use the same method - one account for MiHome (because of hardware switches etc) and China Mainland Server,
second account - Singapur Server for YeeLight and Echo/Google Home use.

How can I connect the YeeLight App without resetting everything again - this will get me mad again ^^ :smiley:

Can you give some advice?


kind regards Lukas

I am sorry, but if you want to connect a new server, you must reset the device

So how will this work with the MiHome App, which I’m also using for the switches etc.?

I think, I’ll wait for your update and will do this at once.

So, I tried it and doesnt work on my case, because I have other gadgtes like Mi Gateway, power strip and Yeeligt White and those doenst are available on Singapore Server, so, on MiHome I have to connect on China Server and Yeelight app on Singapore server.