Is it possible for Yeelight Alexa Skill/IFTTT to support China servers?


This would also be very interesting for me. I have some yeelights and would like to control them with Xiaomi Sensors AND Alexa. Up until now this is not possible. Correct?


I have an Android device and still no gateway and limited devices on Singapore servers, would love to see gateway all devices and alexa/google control on the new Europe server!


Same problem here … alexa is so good but with singapore server there is no xiaomi gateway option:(


Yellight, what the hell, i got several Bulb Color v2 with the aqara smart switch + gateway and i CAN’T get it to work because i need to use CHINA SERVER and if i use the china server, ALEXA won’t discover the lights because it will only discover it if it is on US or SINGAPORE server.

I need bouth MI HOME and YEELIGHT working with the same lights so i can use alexa to control the lighs with yeelight skill AND use the smart switch to turn on and off the lights from MI HOME app.

MI HOME -> Only china server has the ability to add bulb v2.
YEELIGHT -> Need’s to be with china server so i can control the same lights i setup on MI HOME app.
ALEXA YEELIGHT SKILL -> Will only discover yeelight lights if i setup the app on US or SINGAPORE server and those servers don’t have the ability to add the bulbs v2. WTF!

You guys need to add bulb v2 on those servers OR fix the yeelight alexa skill to discover when using china server!

We need this asap, what is the ETA on this?


Why don’t you blame the stupid Aqara???


Well, aren’t aqara and yeelight all part of the XIAOMI family?


OMW to aqara forum!


Also, can’t yeelight make a skill that discover devices on CHINA server?




So after A LOT of reading, there are only 2 options for users that need alexa to work with yeelight and aqara products.

  1. Yeelight OR Mi Home alexa skills for china server devices.
  2. Mi Home support for all products on Singapore or US servers.

That’s it, so, if you bought yeelight and aqara products to work together like they advertise, and also have alexa and want to control lights with aqara switches and alexa (like they advertise), you won’t be able to do it, unless they want to support it.


A lot of thinking do and undo
The only way I found was
Use everything in mainland China
Like this you can detect and control Xiaomi devices and yeelights
For the Alexa issue, the first white only generation yeelights will be found on Alexa via mihome skill for the other model yeelights they will not be detected as devices by Alexa, but you can create scenes on the yeelights app for theme and Alexa will find the scenes.

Hope that was helpful


Any news? the beta skill of yeelight in December was possible to put yeelight v2 smart bulb in Alexa, but my beta trial in yeelight was ended and now I cant turn on/off in Mainland China Server with the non beta skill for Alexa. Anybody knows when will pass the beta trial to stable?


Youhou thanks, scene is working with alexa in mailand china.
We have all the same problems guys !
Hope a day Xiaomi will open singapour server !

We want have all functionnalities !

I’m french sorry for my english :smiley:


I am in France to.
It’s true we have all the same issues with Xiaomi and yeelights and Alexa.
I have same experience now because I have almost every product Xiaomi has for smart home and other, I work with there products non sponsored for five years now.
If I can help, do not hesitate and question
Best regards to all…