IPv6 and Yeelight?


I’ve just started playing with the IETF Homenet which is IPv6 based, not IPv4. I’m getting an IPv6 prefix from my ISP to my router. My laptops, Raspberry Pi’s etc are getting a global IPv6 address from the router. I restarted my colour Yeelight but it doesn’t seem to be IPv6 enabled, not showing on sudo nmap -6 --script=targets-ipv6-multicast-*. Ping 6’ing the probable link local address didn’t show anything either.

Can the Yeelight bulbs talk IPv6? Particularly interested in LAN control over IPv6.


No response? Let’s rephrase the question. Are there any plans to add IPv6 to the Yeelight range? If yes, what is the expected timeline?

Thanks, Jan